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BasqarEdu is a software for the effective management and administration of educational institutions. Designed by advanced cloud technology, BasqarEdu modules streamline and improve all major administrative financial processes from start to finish, such as payables, receivables, cash flow management, procurement, payroll and general accounting procedures. Getting quick access, the system provides an opportunity to focus on data analysis and on creating of own reports to meet own unique information needs.

The AMS is network software that does not require additional configuration. To manage the school curriculum, AMS offers one general database and customizable user profiles. Due to AMS, it is become possible to increase efficiency by using a single interface. The system provides a finished integrated solution for integrating application solutions that allow to create, process and share different types of data. The interaction of the AMS and the 1C program is based on bi-directional data exchange procedures. The solutions are built on the basis of Kazakhstan standards and protocols for electronic data exchange.

School / College / University (ERP) Management System


To improve the quality of the educational process, to ensure the competitiveness of the institution in the domestic and international markets of educational services, the main goal of the AMS is the comprehensive financial management of all cash flows in the system, which include:

  • Easy tracking of strategic curriculum plans;
  • Reduction of human errors and malfunctions;
  • Elimination of duplication and repetitive tasks using built-in automation and workflow;
  • Providing a high level of adoption with easy-to-use and integrated modules, etc.

Benefits of our Solutions

Minimizing high administrative overheads

Easy to use and high functionality footprint

Strong financial control and flexibility


Multiple Department

Time Saving

Cost Effective

24/7 Availability

Cloud Based


Upcoming Modules

Student attendance
Access to the system for students and parents
Assigning items to student
Notification to student’s parents of attendance and performance
Schedule of items
Online exam
Monitoring student performance
Access to the system for employees and teachers
Calendar of events
Notification to parents about payment
Online tuition fees
Messaging system
Integration of a payment gateway
Instant fee

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